Types of Transactions Used in Corporate Finance

Accountants and professionals who work in corporate finance will have to learn a variety of skills and strategies for certain transactions. The term ‘corporate finance’ refers to a wide amount of activities and techniques, however in the UK it mostly relates to raising capital for companies to either create, develop or purchase them. Accountants in Kent and nationwide as well as lawyers, brokers, executives, directors and a number of other professionals will use different types of transactions when working in corporate finance.

These types of transactions will include:

  • Acquisitions, sales, mergers and demergers of private or public companies.
  • Raising seed capital, start-up capital, development capital, or expansion capital.
  • Company equity issues such as floatation on a stock market to raise capital or restructuring the ownership.
  • Finance for infrastructure, joint ventures, projects, public and private partnerships and privatisation.
  • Minor equity issues such as stock market complications or private placing.
  • Raising capital for specialist funds on a corporate level including real estate funds, infrastructure funds, venture capital, and private equity.
  • Raising capital using debt, equity and related precautions for restructuring or refinancing a business.
  • Valuations of businesses for sale and purchase.
  • The disposition of non-core assets when growth is not satisfying for stakeholders.

The list represents just a number of the main transactions, yet there are many more transactions used in corporate finance related subjects.


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