Upgrading Your Bathroom Style On A Budget

Older style bathrooms eventually see their time, and when it’s time to upgrade your bathroom there’s a few different things that you can do to really upgrade your bathroom without breaking the budget. For those who want a new look but don’t have the funds for a full bathrooms Guildford renovation, here’s some great tips to bring new life to an old bathroom.

  1. Upgrade Tapware – The tapware of a bathroom can look boring and tired after you’ve seen it for a long time. One way you can create a new look is by upgrading your tapware. Brass tapware is perfect for giving that golden look. Incorporating a mixer is also a great way to add a new effect.
  2. Shower Curtain – If you’re still using a shower curtain, it’s also a good idea to upgrade the look of the curtain. You don’t have to go with a boring look why not try adding some colour and patterns to it to really make your bathroom stand out.
  3. Paint The Bath – If you’re bath is looking past its years you don’t have to replace it. Did you know that you can easily upgrade the look of the bath just by painting it. There’s special bathtub paint available which can easily give you the look you’re after.


When it comes to bathroom upgrades, there’s so many different things that can be considered. By taking the time to upgrade your bathroom you have the potential to really improve your bathroom greatly. So are you ready for a new looking bathroom?



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